05. September 2019 - 9:00
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Emerging Leaders Development - 2 Day Course - Sydney | Odyssey Training | Thursday, 05. September 2019

Take control of your career destiny, kick start your personal capability development and embrace the concepts of self-guidance and continuous improvement.
When you first become a leader, along with the excitement, you experience many changes in responsibility and status. Our emerging leaders training has been developed to assist businesses to improve their ‘bench strength’ of up and coming leaders, by helping individuals realise their role is changing and giving them insight into the necessary leadership competencies. The program works across three targeted areas and culminates in building a personal development plan to put it all into action.

MySkills Profile Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI)
Drawing on elements of modern leadership theory, the MySkills Profile LPI assesses 20 dimensions of leadership effectiveness. These measure your leadership level, style and competencies in four key areas: developing the vision, sharing the goals, gaining support and delivering success.

Learning outcomes

Increase your understanding of what it takes to be a leader.

Understand your current leadership style and level and how this impacts on your work environment.

Understand how your EI impacts your leadership style.

Communicate and deal with conflict at the leadership level.

Learn how to deliver feedback and have the tough conversations.

Understand today’s generational mix that you will be leading.

Know when and how to effectively use different leadership styles.

Develop a personal development plan to be a great emerging leader and put the insights and skills you will learn in this program into practice.

Topics covered in this training course
Emotional intelligence frameworkThe difference between emotional intelligence (also called EI or emotional quotient) and intelligence quotient.
Communication The way you communicate makes all the difference in terms of the results you achieve.
Leadership powerUnderstanding the seven distinct bases of power.
The generational mixLearn how to work with those from different generations.
Myths of managementDiscovering that leadership may not be what we thought it would be.
Feedback and tough conversationsHow constructive feedback and coaching go hand in hand to enhance the drive for improvement.
Conflict management Experiencing conflict is not pleasant but it can produce positive results, depending on how you deal with it.
Leadership styles Leadership style is a not a function of your personality. It should be a strategic choice based on what best suits a particular situation.
Developing relationshipsUnderstand how to develop trusting and trustworthy behaviours to build team effectiveness.
Building a personal development planTake responsibility for your own development and improve the triad of knowledge, skills and attitude on your way to becoming a great leader.