03. March 2018 - 21:00
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GiRLTHING MARDI PARDI 2018: Vaults of Heaven | The Metro Theatre | Saturday, 03. March 2018

Early Birds = SOLD OUT
First Release = SOLD OUT
Second Release = SOLD OUT
Final Release available now...

Ticket Link:

Strapped for cash? Hit us up to volunteer! We
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****** and Grab is very proud to present...

GiRLTHING MARDI PARDI 2018: Vaults of Heaven
Mardi Gras 40th anniversary!

It's Judgement Day
How will you arrive?
Evil or angelic, devilish or virtuous?

Sold out 8 consecutive years, 2018 will be no different.

Early Bird & VIP tickets available on Monday Dec 04 at 9am sharp!

***Full line up announced in 2018***

Never been to a GiRLTHING Mardi Pardi before? Check out the raw evidence here...

Vid cred: Tania Verbs, Maddy Johnson, Claire Davies

  • 2 VIP tickets left for sale. Please inbox me
  • **JUST ANNOUNCED** FIRST GT LINE UP HAS DROPPED!! cc (alphabetically): ca-lou, Cunningpants, DAWS, GiRLTHING DJs, Godlands, L.O.U, Mikki Blue, Mowgli May, NatNoiz, Sideboob, Philosophia Sin, The MAGDA Szubanskis, Val York, WILLO, Julia Rose, Deja Bednarz, Demi Locke, Felicia Foxx, Gisella Joy Mandaglio, Carly Rusten, Jacqui Moore, Corrine MisΓΆ, Rosie Rivette, The Dazzle Dolls, Just under 3 weeks until the gayest day of the year 🌈🌈 & our inaugural Mardi Pardi is about to sell out. Best get on this ASAP if you don't want to miss out... Link: http://bit.ly/2ALyiSu
  • I have 1x VIP ticket for sale
  • Hey gals I need a few tickets!! 2x if possible.
  • Selling 4 tickets for 2nd release price !!! HMU 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  • What's lockout time this year? Asking for a friend ☺️
  • Still selling 3 VIP tickets. Paid $129.90each
  • Selling 4 x tickets $50 each
  • Also what does a VIP ticket get you? Does anyone know the answer to this?
  • For Sale - 3 VIP tickets to It's a girl thing after party. Paid $129.90 each I also have 1 ticket available to watch the Parade(GA Standing) Paid $77.50
  • THIRD RELEASE TIX are officially sold out. We're now onto final release. We don't mean to alarm you but once they're gone they're gawn. Grab yours right here right now to avoid missing out; Link: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=GIRLTHIN18
  • Has anyone received their tickets for this event?
  • Ticketek doesn't seem to work for folks outside Australia, which unfortunately includes me.
  • Probably a stupid question but is this a girl only event?
  • & just like that, 1st release tickets = sold out. 2nd release now on sale!
  • Less than 50 first release tickets left!
  • Are girlthing having a mardi gras float or just the after party??
  • Can someone tell me about this event please never been before! 😝
  • Early Birds = SOLD OUT! This party is going to be heaven.
  • Tickets are now on sale! Get’em while you can! Link: http://bit.ly/2ki38Lx
  • what is Vaults of Heaven??
  • Just wondering if you could tell me what the VIP ticket includes