23. March 2019 - 10:00
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Gladys Removal Day #CasinoGladys | Hyde Park | Saturday, 23. March 2019

Gladys Removal Day - 23rd March 2019

Huge FREE party that will rage all night and all weekend.
Location + Details subject to change closer to date.

Please invite everyone you know who will be keen to attend!

Also, call/contact Gladys and let her know what you think, and want, as a resident/guest/supporter of Sydney:

02 8574 5000
02 9439 4199
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  • #CasinoMike #PowerbottomMike
  • Hahaha
  • New Maitland Hospital to be state-run:- Since July 2017, Hazzard has announced that NONE of the five planned public/private partnerships for the hospitals is going ahead. But what it really shows is the determination of Berejiklian, who is clearly going to give the March 2019 election a real shot. Goodness knows how she sleeps at night thinking her government deserves a third term after how it got there and how many of them resigned when it did.
  • ...
  • More car parks and apartments in Kings Cross. Bye bye The Empire Hotel + The Bourbon?
  • Corruption?
  • Wow
  • Ugh.
  • Bondi Hipsters have made an excellent video about the nanny state. #casinomike
  • What a disaster. At least when they try to bribe us, more see it now. Who comes up with these RIDICULOUS strategies?
  • #RemoveTheGrowth from our newest/oldest National Heritage/deserving World Heritage #Parramatta !
  • These comments are so funny