04. September 2019 - 17:30 till 19:30
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Level Eleven Talk #11 Reframing our Spatial Experience: Moving Beyond the Surface | PTW Architects | Wednesday, 04. September 2019

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Level Eleven Talk #11 | Reframing our Spatial Experience: Moving Beyond the Surface
Wednesday 4 Septemeber 2019 from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Much of our urban existence occurs within buildings, yet we often (mis)conceive of the architectural envelope and form as the primary determinants of urban spatial quality. The marginalisation of the interior in architectural discourses denies their productive intersections.  As architects, urbanists and interior designers, how might we better revaluate the importance of the interior in the production and consumption of the twenty-first century city? In this talk, Cathy will reconsider the urban interiority through recent case studies of ‘meanwhile use’,drawn from London. For some, 'meanwhile' use is a form of urban and community renewal and community activation that provides inexpensive accommodation for low-income Londoners; for others, it is a form of urban gentrification that heralds social displacement. Cathy will explore examples of designed 'meanwhile' spaces in former institutional, office and industrial buildings and the attendant implications of this emergent typology for designers and policymakers, both here and abroad.

Cathy Smith | UNSW UG Teaching Staff, Interior Architecture
Cathy is a BOAQ registered architect, interior designer and Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture at UNSW where she is also the inaugural Turnbull Foundation Women in Built Environment scholar (2018-2020). She was recently a Richard Rogers Fellow (Harvard University GSD, Fall 2018), and Visiting Professor at Carleton University (Winter 2019). Her scholarly research concentrates on the theories and practices of DIY architecture and urbanism, and rethinking urban interiority