14. December 2019 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Live NOW Sydney - EXCLUSIVE Health & Lifestyle Training Dec 14 | CBD TBC | Saturday, 14. December 2019

Are you suffering from any form of anxiety, depression, weight gain or just lacklustre in life...!?
This event is here to bring your mojo back! We are a fun-loving group of highly educated people in the areas of health and wellness, who were once seeking for that missing thing in life too. We found it, and it is not so complicated to implement. So now we love to share our knowledge with others. 
Join us for a fun and informative evening to give you the tools you need to navigate the challenges of life with ease and grace. EMPOWER yourself and LEARN how the latest health research and technological advancements can serve your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Learn the FASTEST Way to:

Nourish your body in the MOST important way to ensure your lifelong health  
Reduce your risk of stress, depression and obesity
Bounce out of bed each morning feeling LIGHT, clear and energised
Regularly experience your natural state of happiness, VITALITY and flow  
Make staying healthy and happy SIMPLE.

We PROMISE to Share With You:   

The 3 Foundation Pillars of Health You Want to Be Experiencing Everyday  
How to Bring More Presence and Aliveness to Your Life NOW!  
The Cutting Edge of Research into Detoxification and Cellular Health  
Alkalinity vs Acidity and Why this is ESSENTIAL to Understanding How to Combat Disease  
How to Tell if your Water is Dead or Alive - and What This Means for Your Happiness and Longevity!  

Skip Archimedes is a world-renowned global speaker. He will be leading this event and sharing his extensive knowledge of health and wellbeing. 
You can visit his website here to learn more: www.skiparchimedes.com
14th December 2019
Event Starts: 6.00pmEvent Ends: 9.00pmPlease arrive 15mins early to ensure you can register and find a seat before the event starts.
Tickets are strictly limited by the capacity of the event room - BOOK your seat now before tickets run out.