09. October 2019 - 9:00 till 16:00
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Microsoft Excel Intermediate - 1 Day Course - Sydney | Odyssey Training | Wednesday, 09. October 2019

This course is ideal for
This course has been developed for people wanting to utilise Excel to perform calculations using a variety of common worksheet functions, filter, sort and summarise database lists, format and modify charts, and conditionally format cells.

What you will learn

Understand and use a range of common worksheet functions.

Understand and utilise Absolute Referencing.

Organise a database list by advanced filtering and subtotalling.

Utilise Conditional Formatting to change cell appearance.

Create, modify and format a range of charts.

Topics covered in this training course

Functions and formulas

Absolute cell referencing

Function syntax

Common statistical functions

The COUNTIF function

The SUMIF function

The IF function

Working with date and time

Date functions – TODAY and NOW

The EDATE function

The NETWORKDAYS function

Working with time values

AutoFill date sequences

Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting from cell value

Conditional formatting from a formula

Editing conditional formatting rules

Adding sparklines

Advanced sorting and filtering

Sorting custom lists

Sorting by colour

Complex filtering criteria

Searching for criteria

SUBTOTAL function

Subtotalling a list

Creating a simple PivotTable


Creating a table

Adding a table formula

Adding records to a table

Adding totals row

Grouping and hiding an outline

Advanced charts

Creating a chart sheet

Switch columns/rows

Creating a secondary axis

Changing a series chart type

Moving a chart

3D charts

3D chart rotation