20. January 2018 - 20:00
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Neo Tokyo Harajuku - Feat. Takuya Angel & RinRin Doll | Manning Bar | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Neo Tokyo is back with it's biggest event ever!

Neo Tokyo - Harajuku!!! @ Manning Bar, Sydney Uni.

Gracing the pages of Tokyo's famous Fruits Magazine for the past 20 years, Takuya Angel fashion is synonymous with Harajuku. Starting in 1995 in the back streets just off Takeshita Dori, Takuya's fashion was often seen through the peak of the Harajuku period, and still today wandering around Ura-Harajuku, not to mention in the underground Tokyo clubs such as Decadance and Tokyo Dark Castle.

While his style has progressed over the years, it has always kept the core design ideals, harking back to old Japan: Kimono & Hakama style prints and design.

Takuya will be presenting a fashion show with his distinctive styling for Neo Tokyo: Harajuku, followed by a DJ set of his signature Industrial!

Modelling for him, will be the ever kawaii RinRin Doll!

A signed model for Angel Pretty and other ****** brands, RinRin Doll has helped to bring ****** and Harajuku fasion to the world. Living in Tokyo for the past 8 years and frequently seen in Kera, WWD Japan, while making regular appearances on the web in Tokyo Fashion, she also runs her own Youtube channel with over 150,000 subscribers. RinRin will be modelling for Takuya Angel, at Neo Tokyo: Harajuku!!!

Catalystic from Neko Nation, will be burning up the dancefloor with his signature J-Core..

We also have Tachikoma, putting his Japan trip on hiatus, just to come join us!

Along with Jadeabelle, Kenaz, Little Raven, Dave PSI, Sei, Dakumeow, PewkaZilla, Davie Bones, metaeaux, and more!!!

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More info to follow soon!!