16. February 2018 - 18:00
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Safety on Shore | Cruising Yacht Club Of Australia | Friday, 16. February 2018

I have created this event following posting "Me Too" on my status and watching what unfolded... it was pretty nerve racking and I was lost for words.
I don't function well with negativity, so I wanted to focus on doing something to make the situation positive....
See his link for background info:
Thanks for all of the support x

Invite and share with your girls and guys who support respecting girls and guys and developing a culture without assault, abuse and rape.

**DATES AND LOCATIONS TBC but thinking the following**
Hobart - 30 December 2017 Customs House

Directly from my status:
**How to try and make this situation positive**
I propose to put some money on the bar one night at Customs House after the Sydney Hobart, and I invite all Sailor Girl's (and guys too who want to support rather than objectify women, or hey are also in the "me too" category) to enjoy some bubbles with me, to celebrate how beautiful we all are. I think I will call it "Bubbles for Me Too"!
Wear high heels, a short skirt or jeans... I will probably be in my "Sailor Girl" kit who cares (!!), but looking as gorgeous as we want to with supportive guys and girls, without fear! **
I will think about how to tackle this a bit more over the coming days... I am just trying to be as positive as I can while still shaking all over **
(For the record, I was in flannelette PJ's in my own bed the first time that I was assaulted, I don't think what I was wearing had anything to do with it).
  • Hey guys - I am exhausted from making sure I can cover the Sydney Hobart. Given that this is a pretty tough topic I am going to be nice to myself and postpone this event for a time when I have had a lot more sleep and I am not this worn out x Hope you all understand x
  • 💪🏻
  • This has started appearing in my feed just now!!!!!!! LOVE IT! Remember to invite your friends, we are aiming to have as many events in as many locations as we can x --- I WILL If all the men who’ve heard women report sexual assault, harassment, objectification, and being made to feel uncomfortable by any unwanted sexual advance, were to commit to interrupting that behavior, not allow it to happen, and not minimize women’s concerns about these issues wrote “I will” as a status, we might give people reassurance that there are men who are allies and will be agents for change. Please copy and paste.
  • I may not be there in person, but you can sure bet I'm there in spirit. This conversation is a global one and it needs to continue. #greatidea
  • Can't be there myself as I'll be at the Admirals Cup 50th on Port Jackson. But I support you and wish you well!