30. June 2017 - 20:00 till 22:00
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Schapelle Corby Welcome Home PARTY hosted by Jay Topp | To Be Announced | Friday, 30. June 2017

An Australian legend is finally coming home. After a long period of waiting we finally get to give her the homecoming she deserves. ♥️

Hosted by Jay Topp
  • Keen to boogie! Hope there is a d floor !!
  • Can I have a +1?
  • This should be dope !
  • Legends never die...😂 Welcome home Schapelle..!!
  • 🖕🏼🖕🏼
  • hey guys - 420?
  • is she bringing the bud?
  • Is there gonna be actual drinks night ?
  • Let's boogie!!!
  • Is she providing the gear?
  • Welcome home I know you were not guilty the whole time
  • Hopefully no one checks my bag aye
  • 7000+ people attending? Seems legit
  • It's in the bag!
  • I'll be plus +1ing schappelles lovely aunty Jan
  • Will their be stripers
  • Christopher who's bringing the weed?
  • Shaun Taylor im free for this hbu
  • What ******* Bogan actually organised this? An Aussie icon? Please My dog takes shits that are more interesting 🤣
  • Are you kidding me????
  • Does anybody know if they will be carrying out bag checks on entrance?
  • Eric Rodrigues keen?
  • Not interested, not going & news about this is a waste of media time!