19. August 2019 - 9:00
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Train the Trainer - 2 Day Course - Sydney | Odyssey Training | Monday, 19. August 2019

Great training doesn’t just happen. It requires much preparation and a truly skilled trainer to make an exciting program where participants have fun while learning. This course will give you tools and techniques to involve people’s emotions, as well as their minds. You will see the involvement and feel the energy.

This course is ideal for
nyone required to deliver workplace training to ***** learners.
Please note: you will receive a statement of attendance and participate in practical learning activities, however this 2 day intensive course is not nationally accredited in line with the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

What you will learn

Comprehend the fundamentals of ***** learning and how to structure and deliver a program accordingly.

Implement questioning techniques to maximise participant engagement.

Produce a relevant training session for ***** learners, including the development of a structured plan.

Deliver individual and group training effectively while maintaining audience interest.

Handle questions with confidence and deal with difficult behaviours assertively.

Identify techniques to evaluate the training program.

Topics covered in this training course

The ***** learnerUnderstand the six fundamental principles of ***** learning.
Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (VAK) learning preferencesTechniques to combine the three sensory learning preferences into your training sessions.
Designing training programsWhat you need to know to prepare and design a training session, including identifying the performance gap.
The ADDIE modelA commonly used training method.
The four levels of evaluationLearn how to evaluate your success.
Training session plansHow to prepare a session plan to guide the training.
Preparing a training sessionPrior preparation prevents poor performance.
Effective presentationA six-step approach to delivering an engaging training session.
Identifying distracting habitsImprove your delivery through the prevention, treatment and cure of distracting habits.
Leading a session effectivelyDevelop your assertiveness skills in order to be an effective facilitator.
Dealing with difficult behavioursDefine challenging behaviours and develop assertive responses.
Supporting material and visual aidsCater for different learning styles and prevent ‘death by PowerPoint’.
Questions and feedback techniquesImplement techniques to help you ask better questions.
Handling answers to questionsUsing questions to gain active group participation.
Training activitiesUsing various techniques to keep your ***** participants interested such as ice-breakers, games, role playing and simulations.