24. July 2018 - 9:30 till 12:30
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Demonstrating Social Impact: Measuring and Communicating Your Social Impact presented by Spark Strategy | The Centre For Volunteering | Tuesday, 24. July 2018

Demonstrating Social Impact: Measuring and Communicating Your Social Impact presented by Spark Strategy
Impact is the new black. For volunteer-reliant organisations, it is now more important than ever to measure, prove and articulate your social impact. But how do you know if you are doing it right? This workshop will provide you with a well-defined, step-by-step process to start capturing and articulating your organisation’s social impact focus areas.
What will you learn:

What is social impact and why is it important
How to define social outcomes that your organisation is aiming to achieve
How to define metrics that your organisation can use to track progress
How to clearly demonstrate your social impact to support your organisation’s engagement and communications activities

Who is this workshop for:
This workshop is for those interested in understanding how to identify and demonstrate the impact of their organisation/project, including volunteer contribution.
*Note we will be using Collaborate technology for this webinar.  This technology works best in Chrome as the browser. In order to have an excellent webinar experience please install Chrome and participate in 'try the techonology' session if you are unsure about webinars.

About Spark                                                                                    
Spark is an agency for strategic thinking, transformation and sustained action. We believe ideas spark brighter futures and we’re about unearthing these ideas and bringing them to life. We work with Not for Profits, Private Sector, Government and Social Businesses to unleash their potential, to transform themselves and the societies in which they live.
A certified B Corp, we stand for purpose, not just profit. We strive for high impact, approaching social development problems from multiple angles: Not for Profit delivery, Government policy, Corporate shared value approaches, international collaboration and new models of incubation for system