18. October 2018 - 9:30 till 12:30
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Spark Strategy presents "Outside the Box: Revenue Diversification for NFPs' | The Centre For Volunteering | Thursday, 18. October 2018

Spark Strategy presents "Outside the Box: Revenue Diversification for NFPs"
Big changes in government funding and the incursion of internationals and the private sector into the social sector means that competition is fiercer than ever and a vast majority of Australian not-for-profits, especially those heavily reliant on volunteers, are now at risk. Philanthropy and fundraising simply cannot provide enough money for you to deliver the key services your beneficiaries badly need. So what do you do? This workshop will help access hidden forms of revenue and transform your organisation into a sustainable entity with independent funding and a long-term capacity to build on your strengths and focus your impact. 
What will you learn:

Mechanisms and tools to become a strategic, self-sustaining organisation
Innovative funding sources, channels and operating models
How to shift from a competitive to a collaborative model

Who is this workshop for:
This workshop is for those who want to strengthen the sustainability of their organisation through diversified, predictable and replicable funding strategies including how to monetise volunteering through the corporate sector.

  About Spark                                                                                    
Spark is an agency for strategic thinking, transformation and sustained action. We believe ideas spark brighter futures and we’re about unearthing these ideas and bringing them to life. We work with Not for Profits, Private Sector, Government and Social Businesses to unleash their potential, to transform themselves and the societies in which they live.
 A certified B Corp, we stand for purpose, not just profit. We strive for high impact, approaching social development problems from multiple angles: Not for Profit delivery, Government policy, Corporate shared value approaches, international collaboration and new models of incubation for system change.