06. August 2020 - 9:30 till 11:30
Tonbridge Castle, Tonbridge
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In Person Knit Group | Thursday, 06. August 2020

Thursday 9:30-11:30am

Meet at castle lawn for in person, socially distanced knit group!

This week we’ll try it outside. Bring a chair, blanket, etc - d sit 2m apart from your friends under the shade of the trees on the castle lawn.

Stop by 65mm for a coffee and snack to bring with you!


If you're not ready to meet up in person, that's ok! Or if it's raining or not the super hot weather we're having this week - the Zoom room will still be open!

With this link you can get into the room at the above mentioned times and visit with whoever shows up. I probably will pick the in person option, but you don't need me to have Zoom.


Meeting ID: 450-424-6040