02. June 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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George Strait at BOK Center in Tulsa June 2nd 2018 | BOK Center | Saturday, 02. June 2018

It was announced today at 3pm Central that King George himself will be the headlining artist to help Tulsa's BOK Center celebrate its ten year anniversary! Tickets will go on sale on September 29th, 2017. Stay tuned for details!
  • Eric Bailey
  • Would this not be a dream come true. Would so love to take my wife. She has never been to a concert in her life. Can you believe that?
  • Kristi Weigl Guerrero!!!! Lets go!!! ***, lets go!!!
  • I so NEED to go to this!! On my bucket list, but definitely can’t afford $500 ticket for nosebleed seats!! So, very sad!! 😭😭😭
  • Jaye Owens Trout We should go!
  • Who will be with George in Tulsa?
  • George got me an early bday present, Him, I , and Akeela are going to see George Straight in concert on June 1st.
  • Nick Hébert
  • he needs to come to ga
  • Help me get George Strait tickets
  • Does he come to Texas ?
  • I am going to see George Strait on June 2.2018 my SWEETIE got me tickets for Christmas .
  • can't wait to see him! Super excited!
  • Maribel Calderon Collins Jacob Collins Ruben Rios
  • Me and my honey will probably be there
  • Are we going to this or what?? Kyle
  • Brooke Howell??
  • Kim Mason-Spencer
  • Tina Garcia
  • Ronnie Steppler wanna go on a road trip???
  • I sure wish I could go. I love listening to George.
  • Trina Martin Breedlove and Kenny.... add 'plus one' when u get yalls tickets. 😉😘
  • Tee-jay Sampson look George in Oklahoma all of a sudden I got goose bumps ....on your special day at that!!
  • Jade Garza we need to go.
  • I thought George had a massive stroke and was unable to perform