15. September 2017 - 9:00
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Death of the Border: Eliminating Lines of Demarcation Between States | Valletta, Malta | Friday, 15. September 2017

That time of the year is here again: the annual edition of MaltMUN is returning, and it’s only getting bigger and better! This year, the Conference shall be held between the 15th and 17th of September 2017. The Main theme will be ‘Death of the Border: Eliminating lines of Demarcation between States', emphasising the struggle between sovereignty of States and globalisation. Over the three days, this issue will be tackled from different aspects within the context of our different committees’ competences.

Whilst building on the solid ground established in previous editions of MaltMUN, we will be adding another committee to ensure diverse options for everyone! The prestigious Security Council and ICJ will be retained, whilst another three new specialised committees will be simulated, namely ECOFIN, SPECPOL and WHO. The minds behind this year’s edition of MaltMUN have paid close attention to target those who are passionate about macro-economics, politics and the movement of people, whilst also ensuring that the issue of health in the international sphere is given its due importance. Committees will be held inside the Valletta’s most prominent and prestigious venues, including our very own Parliament building, ensuring that participants will get the full experience of what it feels like to be a diplomat! All this comes at a mere €35 delegate fee, which covers all venues and related expenses for the whole three-day conference.

Additionally, this year’s edition of MaltMUN will include a superb upgrade in the social events programme, allowing delegates to network and socialise, and immersing participants in delegating the full experience of what Model United Nations is all about. For the amazing price of €25, the MaltMUN 2017 Social Pack shall cover the Delegate Drinks on Friday evening with a sensational array of nibbles (the Maltese way!), and a free flowing wine-and-beer event on Saturday night! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn more about International Affairs, whilst having the opportunity to develop your public speaking and diplomatic skills in a most engaging and vibrant environment.

Applications are now open!
  • *ATTENTION DELEGATES* MaltMUN 2017 is just a few days away and we are finalising the last preparations. We have been working tirelessly to ensure that this conference will be a success, and we would like to thank you for all the enthusiasm shown throughout the past weeks. We can't wait to see you charged in discussions, followed by the fantastic socials we've prepared for you where delegates, chairs and guests alike can mingle and (if you so wish) keep on lobbying! See you there. #MaltMUN #DOTB17
  • Hey all! Would have the possibility host somebody from 14/9 till 19/9 in the morning for a small fee/good dinner company on 14/9. Please get in contact via Private Message if interested. :)
  • Apply now for hands-on training workshops to get your first taste of what Model UN is all about: http://goo.gl/aQ2UyP
  • Winners of the Best Delegate award at MaltMUN 2017 will be guaranteed a place in the Maltese delegation to the Model UN Conference in London. Apply now for a chance to represent Malta abroad!
  • So what does participating in MaltMUN #DOTB17 offer you? For just a small fee of €35, you will gain negotiating, policy making and writing experience that will look incredibly impressive on your CV. OR include our social pack for a total of just €60 to socialise with new friends from all over the world over drinks and network with other delegates. Sign up now! http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual
  • Passionate about macroeconomics, monetary and financial matters? How about signing up as a delegate in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN)? Topic A - The Greater Depression: Avoiding a second global financial crisis Topic B - Limiting migration-caused strain on host countries' resources We hope to see you at #DOTB17. Haven't signed up yet? Apply here! http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual/
  • Excited to try something new during #DOTB17? This new Committee might be the right thing for you: Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (SPECPOL) Topic A - A borderless world: To what extent should boundaries exist? Topic B - Internalized conflicts: The case of Cyprus Places are filling up fast, so make sure to avoid disappointment by applying now: http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual/
  • There's a place for everyone in Model UN. Interested in health sciences? Why not join the next Committee on our list for #DOTB17: World Health Organization (WHO) Topic A - Pandemonium: Preparedness and pandemic containment systems without borders Topic B - Death Dues: Capping profits off life-saving pharmaceuticals Make sure to apply as a delegate before the deadline: http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual/
  • This Committee is perfect for law students, graduates, lawyers or anyone interested in international relations and law! International Court of Justice (ICJ) Topic - Bolivia v. Chile: Obligation to negotiate access to the Pacific Ocean Don't forget to apply for #DOTB17: http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual/
  • The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will be breaking the fourth wall this year at #DOTB17 by discussing... itself! Topic A: The relevance of the veto in UN rules of procedure and its application in MUNs Topic B: Communications technology and its links to political instability in the greater Middle East Don't forget to sign up as a delegate through the following application form >> http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual/
  • Don't forget to sign up through the link in the description! >> http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/individual/ #DOTB17
  • http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/committees/ Committees & Topics for this years Conference are now available on our website !! #DOTB17
  • Totally new to Model UN? Here's some background information before #DOTB17
  • Applications for MaltMUN 2017 are now OPEN! Sign up here: http://www.maltmun.org.mt/maltmun-2017/applications/