13. November 2019 - 17:30
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Peaceful Birthing - Warragul Wednesday's November 13th to December 4th | Warragul Wellness Centre | Wednesday, 13. November 2019

The Peaceful Birthing course will help to prepare and empower yourself, and your birth partner, with the knowledge, confidence and tools to birth your baby calmly. Every parent deserve a beautiful birth experience, no matter how your journey unfolds.
Hypnobirthing is a method of childbirth education that focuses on preparing parents for a more positive and calm birth. The ‘hypno’ part of ‘hypnobirthing’ refers to the hypnotherapy that we use during the program to release fears and condition ourselves to release endorphins (natures pain relief!) at times during our birth. The Hypnobirthing Australia™  program uses a combination of different techniques, tools, and philosophies that have existed for many years. Ancient wisdom is combined with modern evidence and theory – giving you the advantage in your acquisition of knowledge as you prepare for your birth.
The Peaceful Birthing course is 12 hours held over four consecutive Wednesday evenings. The next dates are:
- Wednesday November 13th, 20th, 27th and December 4th
- 5.30pm - 8.30pm