24. October 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Voice, Body, Rhythm: TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Workshop Series | The Michael Centre | Thursday, 24. October 2019

TaKeTiNa is a transformational group process, working with the powerful tools of poly-rhythm, voice, movement, and somatic awareness. Sometimes referred to as the Yoga of Rhythm, TaKeTiNa invites participants into a state of profound stillness, awareness, joy, and connection.
Facilitated by certified TaKeTiNa teacher Justin Holland, this workshop series is being offered by donation and is a practice group for his senior training he is currently undertaking with the founder of TaKeTiNa, Reinhard Flatischler in Vienna. While sessions can be attended individually, it is beneficial to attend more than one session.
No musical experience is necessary and participants are invited to journey at their own pace within this safely held and dynamic group process. Participation in TaKeTiNa leads to a perceptive state which can be described as ‘simultaneous awareness’. Poly-rhythm has been used for millennia among all cultures as a tool for healing, celebrating, and evolving our true nature. TaKeTiNa is used today in diverse fields as music education, therapy, meditation, peak performance, and personal growth.

About TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process:
For a brief video intro to TaKeTiNa watch: https://youtu.be/Inr0coWTYlA
In your daily life, TaKeTiNa can help you to:
- experience a profound state of peace, relaxation and inner silence
- connect with your innate vitality
- increase your physical, emotional, and mental resilience
- manage chaotic or challenging life situations with creativity, humour and effectiveness
- decrease your anxiety about making mistakes and always getting things right
For more information about TaKeTiNa, visit www.taketina.com

When: 17, 24, 31 Oct and 7 Nov at 7-9PM
Venue: The Michael Centre, Library Room, 37a Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood, Vic 3134

Tickets: By Donation - All proceeds to the Michael Centre.

Facilitated by: Justin Holland
Organiser: Andy Harrison, 0417 561 473, hello@melbournepiano.com.au
Transport & Parking
Parking is available on-site.
Note: The venue is tucked away and can be easy to miss. The entrance is located in a residential neighbourhood at 37a Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood.

About the Facilitator:
My name is Justin Holland and I have been a professional musician, dancer and educator for 25 years.I am a graduate of the Victorian college of the arts as well as a trained Yoga teacher. In recent years I have devoted much time to learning the TaKeTiNa method, currently I am undertaking the senior training course with founder Reinhard Flatischler in Vienna. I am also the Musical Director/Choreographer for Somebody’s Daughter theatre company, a Melbourne based community arts organisation that works with Women in prison and marginalised youth.

About the Organiser:
Andy Harrison has been involved in TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process since 1999 and is passionate to share this unique work with community in Melbourne. He is Director of Melbourne Piano School.

"Rhythm is one of the most ancient and efficient ways to influence and develop human consciousness. In our globally-networked and technologically-focussed world, human beings often lose touch with their own internal rhythms, making them feel displaced and de-synchronized. TaKeTiNa allows them to reconnect with the healing powers of rhythm and primordial motion. Social, mental, creative, spiritual and of course musical faculties are reawakened and developed with the practice of TaKeTiNa."
- Reinhard Flatischler (Founder of the TaKeTiNa Process)