07. December 2017 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Anime USA DC Zoolights 2017 | Zoo Lights Smithsonian National Zoo | Thursday, 07. December 2017

Anime USA happens around the same time as the Holiday Season, and is located in the Marriott Wardman near the DC Zoo so we will take this opportunity to venture and perhaps take some amazing pictures, while meeting and greeting each other!
  • Hello Everyone! I can't attending to see to Zoo Lights at National Zoo, cuz at Night, I wish I can going to see there during the day!🎄🌤️
  • Hi cuz I'm interested, but I don't know my work schedule, at that particular time yet.
  • If I didn't have to work I would love to come to this but I won't be in DC tomorrow
  • Giri Sandesh
  • I will be attending the zoo lights on the 14th of December my daughter is singing there with her school
  • It was fun‼️
  • How long are they staying up?
  • Tutu Dwilanyce Karima Karima Karima
  • Looks like I can only be there for the first half. At about 7 or 8 I'll have to head back to Falls Church to bring my friend to the hotel for AUSA.
  • Sarah Marie
  • Kandace Servance
  • DC KawaiiStyle will be meeting up to join in the fun with you all!
  • Who all is going to be going to this event for sure? I wanna see the zoo lights, but I don't wanna be the only one. Also, it mentions anime USA. Does that mean we need a badge or should be in cosplay?
  • Jnell Chapman what’s up wit it
  • Antonio Mendoza
  • The Zoo lights are fantastic
  • Erik Chronister
  • I can't go but if you're off you should take the boys Toya Takingmytime Johnson
  • Cindy something like this we should do
  • This sounds cool! I wanna go!!
  • Wrap up really warm and go. It won't be like going out of the country but different new scenery. Have fun !!.
  • Janett Diaz vas a ir???
  • Zainab Awan lets go!
  • New Lyfe you wanna go tomorrow???