17. September 2019 - 9:00
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MicroStrategy Introduction Training - 2 Days (September 17-18 2019) | Office of the Chief Technology Officer | Tuesday, 17. September 2019

Course Objectives: Import and refine data to create visually-compelling, interactive data representations (visualizations). Format, analyze, filter, and layer the visualizations to create appealing, insightful dashboards through the MicroStrategy Web interface. Share your dashboard to collaborate with other users and access the dashboards on web and mobile devices. 
Audience: OCTO’s two-day introductory course is designed for analysts and District of Columbia agency staff who work with data on a regular basis or are interested in doing more with data. 
The training is for DC Government Employees only. (DC Government issued laptop is required)
Skills you gain

Use appropriate graphing techniques to identify and analyze trends, anomalies, and other important meaning in data
Select the appropriate interactive graph to display data for a specific business analysis
Convert raw data into a clean visual display to view quality and consistent information
Organize data in layers to connect similar information
Create logical patterns in data using filtering techniques
Share dashboards with others in a variety of ways 

No charge; included in OCTO’s BI program.
HERE is the course agenda and learning objectives for both days. Meals will not be provided; there are a variety of lunch options within walking distance.