08. April 2020 - 18:00 till 19:30
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SUPERMOON Fitness Rave | Leederville Town Hall | Wednesday, 08. April 2020

This event may not be an all-night party on the beach BUT we celebrate with dance and music. Everybody get's a little crazy on the FULL MOON, and this is no different. We crank the beats and dance til we sweat off our body paint! There will be a neon body paint and glow stick station before class so come a little early. Class starts at 6:10pm for an HOUR of dance-cardio fun!

What is The Jungle Body?

The Jungle Body Tribe is a 1 hour class in the dark with just 4 moves per track (so even the uncoordinated OR low fitness levels can twerk out too), set to some of our favourite pop, techno and dance music. Twerk, Squat, Box + Sweat! This is a FULL BODY cardio workout and we also have a few hand weight tracks too so you will be able to get fit, lose weight AND tone! Guaranteed to work up to 700 calories!!
What to wear?
Activewear + good sneakers, dress in bright colours if you are feeling FULL MOON FESTIVE!
What to bring?
Yoga mat or towel , Water, 1.5-2kg dumbbells (we have a few spare)

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