01. November 2020 - 15:30 till 17:30
Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association, Winnipeg
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Learn Basic ASL - Free Workshop Part 2 | Sunday, 01. November 2020

Free Workshop: Learn Basic ASL with Claire, Part 2.

A bit about the instructor and the class:

“Hello everyone, I'm Claire Davis, and I'm an asl instructor. I'm 36 years old. I was born Deaf without any disease.I have 2 daughters, Bunny (16 years old) is hearing and Pearl (13 years) is hard of hearing. Both know ASL, and Bunny's career goal is become an ASL interpreter.

High school credit: If your children take an ASL course or learning from someone else. Your children can get a credit forward to their high school credit. Grade 9 to 12. One credit per level. There is a special program, they have a exam. Once they pass the exam then they will get a credit. More info, contact me.

Email: email. Any age is welcome! Even 2 months old baby! They dont response but can understand you once you keep use it repeatedly.

I will be teaching some basic ASL that we use it very often at home.”

Participants need to attend both sessions.

Email us at email to register.