10. August 2020 - 7:30
Shanelle Schick - Soulful Essentials, Yeppoon
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Essential Oils for Stress - 5 Day Masterclass | Monday, 10. August 2020

Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

Is your tummy churning with constant thoughts running through your head?

Are you holding tension in your neck, shoulders and/or lower back?

Join me for a 5 Day Online Masterclass to learn more about how essential oils may be able to support you to manage the symptoms of stress, how you can create a more peace and calm in your days and easy to use DIY recipes plus much more!

This class starts Monday 10th August and will be run in a Facebook group. Daily videos will be posted with the content and daily tasks for you to participate in. Maximum time commitment each day is 20 - 30 minutes. There will be a class prize awarded at the end of the Masterclass to the person who has participated the most over the week. This will be drawn Monday 17th August.

Participation fee is $10 for local and $20 where post is required. You will receive a small sample pack of oils to experiment with over the course of the Masterclass. Participation fee is waived if opting to use your own oils.

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