05. May 2023 - 12:00
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Askham Bryan reunion. | Askham Bryan College | Friday, 05. May 2023

I was talking to a buddy today, and just thought, that we would probably never see some people again which would be such a shame. I'd love to see everyone again, so i'm making this for 10 years time. I have done this now, so i don't forget and we can meet once more as a whole reunion hitting nearly 30 or for some hitting 30 :)
Crazy i know, but what do you expect from someone who dresses as a zombie for a casual day of college?
I hope to see a good attendance, because it's going to be a crazy day :')
  • Anyone I know still at askham... I've come for a visit :)
  • So what year is this happening
  • I'll be there :) ***
  • Who is actually goin to this
  • If I'm still walking at 87 years young, I'll be there. xxxx
  • I'll happily come but just keep fan away from me and we'll all be fine :) **
  • hahahaha forgottwn you'd even made this Scott Parker u gay
  • I aint making to 30 I tell ya now
  • I'll be there.. if in still on facebook in ten years otherwise I'll forget.. or I would gave died doing a stupid thing.. love you people see you all in 10 years.
  • I will be there **
  • Definitely be there! Great idea mate
  • To right i'll be there :D x
  • *** i'll be 28 by then :-O but yesss i'll deffi come to this :-) **
  • I won't be there as I intend to move on to illegal trade failing my career in countryside and I feel by 2021 I will be living with my then to be puertorican family
  • broooo, i could be killed in a drive by shooting, protecting one of my homies before i get to 30, jus' sayin :) x
  • Please invite anyone you wish to attend too :') As i don't have everyone from college! ;p